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1-2 hrs Rs 15,000 ( USD 245 )
3-4 hrs Rs 25,000 ( USD 400 )
Night Rs 40,000 ( USD 650 )
and Travel Packages Also Available.

Email id:- sheetalescort@gmail.com

But when it comes to delhi Female escorts, they need to make their customer known that how much they can appreciate them. No matter in what condition their customer is whether lonely, insecure, depressed, or just want to make some fun or wants to spend some excitement moment. We need to understand their wish and fulfil their wishes. They gives and we need to give time so that they feel good and the time they spend with us must a good time in which they will get a complete pleasure. Men always are in haunt of some pleasure and excitement time which this female escort can fulfil. They remain in wants of some good relationship and also they must be appreciated in some meaningful way by you. But never forget you must also be treated with courtesy and respect. In case of adult escort every new and prospective customer should get the personal communication necessary to insure their satisfaction and hopefully convert them into a loyal and faithful following.

Location 1

Vasantkunj, Delhi

Mo: O82679OO38O

Location 2

Noida City Center

Phone no: O82679OO38O

Location 3

Rajeev Chauk, Gurgaon

Phone no: O82679OO38O

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